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Have you ever thought about your savings… not being… SAFE?

Millions of Americans don’t even realize about the potential danger of keeping their savings in fiat currency. Just like many times before, it is very possible for a financial collapse to happen and a lot of everyday people loosing their well worked for savings overnight.

We teamed up with the editors at mineweb.net and got the idea to film a documentary on the history of financial markets, especially gold, silver, platinum and palladium as a for of safe haven.

Gold has kept its value for more than 2000 years and continues to do so. After the last financial breakdown, prices of gold and silver skyrocketed!

We will keep you updated on the progress of our progress. So far we have the rough topics outlined:

  • history of fiat and gold
  • IRAs in USA
  • retirement planning and precious metals
  • financial crisis
  • top gold IRA companies (mineweb)

So if you are interested in our project and what is currently available in the precious metals industry, feel free to hop over to mineweb.net. You can read the Rosland Capital review here for more. For the gold and silver for life training go here. You can also read:

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