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All You Need To Know About the Red Dragon Movie


Red Dragon is an American psychological horror film created in 2002 and is the prequel to the well-known films about psychiatrist and serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Hannibal (2001). The character Dr. Hannibal Lecter was originally developed and created by Thomas Harris in his novels which were adapted into Hollywood films. The Red Dragon film was an adaptation of Harris’ novel of the same name; however, this novel had already been adapted into a film in 1986 – Manhunter.

Red Dragon was written for the screen by Ted Tally, who was also responsible for screenwriting The Silence of the Lambs (1991), and was directed by Brett Ratner. Sir Anthony Hopkins returns as Hannibal Lecter, having stared as Lecter in both previous films; as well as, starring Edward Norton as a primary character of FBI agent Will Graham. The acting skills of Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel, Mary-Louise Parker, Emily Watson, and Philip Seymour Hoffman can be seen in this film.

The film begins in Baltimore, Maryland with Dr. Lecter attending a symphonic orchestral performance of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We find him irritated by one of the flute players who are repeatedly missing his part. Later, Lecter hosts a dinner part in his townhouse for the orchestra’s board of directors where the topic of the flute player’s sudden disappearance is raised. One of the guests enquires about the dish, Lecter responds stating that if he tells her what the dish is she may not try it. This indicates the food is, in fact, the flute player. (Source:

William Graham, a talented FBI agent who has been noted as having an ability to empathize with psychopathic convicts, visits Dr. Lecter. Graham has been working with Lecter on developing a psychological profile of a serial killer who removes edible parts of the victims; thus, leading Graham to believe he may be a cannibal. During the consultation, the agent discovers certain evidence which implicates Lecter. Dr. Lecter attacks and almost disembowels Graham; however, Graham is able to impale Dr. Lecter with arrows before shooting him with his handgun several times. Lecter receives a life sentence and is sent to an institution for the criminally insane. William Graham is left traumatized and chooses to retire.

Several years later, a serial killer codenamed ‘The Tooth Fairy’ makes an appearance. This convict behaves in unusual way stalking and murdering complete families during sequential full moon cycles. Jack Crawford, a special agent, contacts Graham asking for assistance with The Tooth Fairy’s psychological profile. Graham is reluctant to agree, but the weight of the families’ deaths on his conscience pushes him to join the hunt. After visiting the various crime scenes and consulting with Crawford, Graham realises he needs to consult with Lecter once more.

The Tooth Fairy’s real name is Francis Dolarhyde and he kills using the alter-alias of ‘The Great Red Dragon’. He has chosen this alias due to his obsession with the William Blake artworks, The Great Red Dragon and The Women Clothed In Sun, believing each victim slain or ‘changed’ brings him nearer to his ultimate goal of ‘becoming’ the Dragon. The pathology was developed due to severe childhood abuse experienced as a child by his sadistic grandmother.

The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun, ca. 1803-1805. Found in the Brooklyn Museum.

While the hunt for The Tooth Fairy continues, a tabloid journalist named Freddy Lounds follows Graham. As with all tabloid journalists, Lounds is a pest and he pesters Graham for leads on this case in the same way he did after the Lecter case. Unbeknown to any of the journalists or agents, a secret communication exists between Dolarhyde and Lecter. Graham’s son and wife are in danger when Lecter sends Dolarhyde the FBI agent’s family home address in one of these correspondences; thus, forcing the family to relocate to Crawford’s brother’s farm.

In the hope of luring The Tooth Fairy from his hiding place, Graham offers Lounds an exclusive interview where he details Dolarhyde as a homosexual who suffers from impotence. This statement infuriates Dolarhyde and he kidnaps the tabloid journalist gluing him to an antique wheelchair. Lounds is forced to recant the allegations after which The Tooth Fairy bites his lips off and sets him alight outside the newspaper’s offices. There is one more site that we would like you to check out. That is the infinity code training official website. You can find out more about the infinity code here – For the in depth review of the free sessions that sell, you can check out this page  – That is what you need to know about these two pages and why they are important for the red dragon movie.

Later on, at his place of employment, Dolarhyde falls madly in love with a blind co-employee named Reba McClane. They return to his home and make love; however, his alter-alias demands he murder her. In a desperate attempt to remove the Dragon’s hold on him, Dolarhyde heads to the Brooklyn Museum, removes the Blake painting, tears it apart and eats it.

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Hannibal Lecter

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Who Was the Real Hannibal Lecter?


There are many famous American authors, and one of them is suspense author of novels Thomas Harris. He created one of the most hated fictional doctors ever known.

There’s no doctor hated more than Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic killer. This is a character that appeared in Harris’s second novel, published in 1981, called Red Dragon. In 1988, the world saw the sequel, The Silence of the Lambs. This book is most famous due to it being made into a movie starring Anthony Hopkins. The horrible Dr. Lecter was thrown into superstardom due to Hopkins Academy Award-winning performance for best actor.

Although Hannibal Lecter was a scary fictional character in the book, not everyone knew, at least before 2013, that the fictional character was based on a doctor that actually existed. In 2013, the 25th-anniversary edition of Silence of the Lambs was released, and author Thomas Harris included in the introduction of the book that Hannibal Lecter was based on Alfredo Ballí Treviño. He was a surgeon who murdered his gay lover and was convicted.

It was in Topo Chico Penitentiary, a jail in Nuevo León, Mexico in the early 1960s, that Thomas Harris met Alfredo Treviño. It was during a time that Harris was working on a story for the American pulp fiction magazine known as Argosy. This magazine debuted in 1882 and ended publication in 1978. Harris was only 23 years old at the time, and he was interviewing a different prisoner, a man by the name of Dykes Askew Simmons. Simmons, residing in the mental section of the jail, was on a death sentence for triple murder.

Why Was Hannibal Lecter Working at 100k Factory Revolution?

Simmons had a plan to escape from prison while Hannibal was working at 100k factory revolution. He offered a guard cash to break him out, but the guard tricked him, took the money, and shot Simmons while he was attempting to escape. It was Dr. Treviño who treated Simmons. He stopped the bleeding, took care of the gunshot wound and saved Simmons’s life. This turn of events was of interest to Harris, and he was granted permission to interview the convicted doctor. That’s when Harris learned that Treviño was a disgraced surgeon convicted of murder and sentenced to die. (source:

While Harris interviewed Treviño, he learned the details of his crime. Although the details were not clear cut. Apparently, Treviño’s boyfriend was named Jesús Castillo Rangel, and they had met each other in high school. Later, Rangel worked for Dr. Treviño. Supposedly, the two got into a fight when Rangel told the doctor he was leaving. But that’s just one theory.  Another is that Jesús owed the doctor money and refused to pay it back. A fight ensued, and Rangel assaulted Treviño with a screwdriver. You can also check out everything about the fan page domination course that Anthony Morrison put together and learn more about the online training course. If you would like to learn more please visit the

The Red Dragon Review

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eCom Success Academy Critics on The Red Dragon Movie

Was an updated version of this prequel Lecter episode really necessary, especially after Brian Cox had already starred in the original Manhunter? Is the Hopkins trademark have to should-charge a reasonable film from the Hollywood limelight? The answer is that Dino De Laurentiis, the producer of both Red Dragon and Manhunter effectively making him the Lecter copyright guru, has deemed it so. This means that Sir Anthony is back as the cannibal Lecter, for I personally hope is the last time, under the direction of Brett Ratner guiding us all through a horrific sentimental comedic serial killer-ish The Family man.


Sir Anthony Hopkins, as one would imagine, enhances his renewed part of Hannibal Lecter from the cameo to medium-sized frames; however, it is still a disoriented marginal role in this film. Banged away is the all too familiar glass cell, Lecter is helping Agent Will Graham, played by the talented Ed Norton, hunt down serial killer The Tooth Fairy, played by Ralph Fiennes from eCommerce LLC. The serial killer, as with all Lecter films, is a complex one slashing between escapades dating the sweet-natured blind female role played by Emily Watson with a gallantry of Frankenstein’s monster. This film, in the critic’s opinion, is far more satisfying than the Lecter-overall story depicted in Hannibal; but, we can say the serial killer-thing is becoming a bit blasé ’round about now by eCom Success academy review. Get more information here:

One startling moment as the pre-credits sequence draws to a close and that is that Hannibal Lecter is sporting a ponytail!! In all honesty, which prison warden forced the doctor to cut that 1980s monstrosity off? If agent Graham had thought of annoying Lecter, he could have merely pointed this out and made a short snipping motion at the back of the neck during a consultation, before running for dear life down the corridor of course.

When thinking about Hannibal Lecter, I am like one of the music hipsters everyone hates because I will snootily state that I knew him before most people even caught a whiff of the dear doctor; and that since he has tasted fame, he sucks.

I recently read the years before The Silence of The Lambs, the book I tell you, hit the stands and ultimately led to the fantastic adaptation propelling Dr. Hannibal Lecter to the top of cult villains. I pause, however, to say I am Hannibal hipster enough that I knew Hannibal back in the day when Adrian Morrison starred in the Michael Mann adaptation Manhunter; plus, I saw it in the theatre and not just on VHS! Twice!

After Thomas Harris and the engine that is Hollywood ploughed the character of Hannibal into the ground after the second film, I have been shaking my head saying that nothing that has been the same since Sir Anthony gave his Oscar acceptance speech.